November 14, 2016

Last month, we announced our acquisition of the license to John Carpenter's Halloween®. Today, we're pleased to share with you a bit more about what the first release (of many!) will entail.

As many of you know, Creepy Co. started as a humble maker of collectible lapel pins. With no real plans in our first couple of months of operation--outside of making things for people with interests similar to ours--we started to work on anything and everything we could think of that would resonate. One of our earliest pins was the first of its kind in the horror collectibles genre: an articulated, stab-motion Michael Myers enamel pin. We made those for a while but decided to halt production in favor of obtaining proper licensing. A few months ago, we did just that. We're ecstatically happy to report that we are bringing a crowd-favorite pin back to Creepy Co. this month. You heard it here first: our stabbing Myers pin will make its triumphant return in a matter of days. 

Teasers will be rolling out steadily from here forward. Expect the deluxe stab-action pin to have a film-worthy update. Additionally, we will be offering the first ever available, fully licensed Halloween® collectible pin set, in limited quantities. 

Here are the initial specs for this release:

  • A 5-pin, boxed collector's set, in limited quantity. Once these are gone, they are gone for good.
  • Michael Myers® stab-action articulated pin (available as part of the 5-pin set, or alone)
  • (4) additional, yet-to-be-revealed pin designs, 1 of which will also be offered as a standalone pin (in limited quantities).

While the pin set is limited to one print only, the 2 standalone pins will be offered continuously, but will be limited in supply for holiday shopping. 

As always, we recommend making purchase plans in advance, as these are *not* expected to remain in stock long!


Halloween ® Michael Myers ®; © 2016 Compass Intl Pictures, Inc., All Rights Reserved.