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Limited Time - Free shipping on orders over $75*
Limited Time - Free shipping on orders over $75*
Goosebumps is Back, Dude!

Goosebumps is Back, Dude!


Let’s rewind to a simpler time: neon on your clothes, a Capri Sun in your hands, and GOOSEBUMPS on your bookshelf!  Whether you started with Fever Swamp or Horrorland, or shivered under your sleeping bag to The Haunted Mask or Night of the Living Dummy, you knew these words like the back of your hand: “Reader beware... you’re in for a SCARE!”

Creepy Co. is proud to scare up a major NEW Goosebumps release, oozing with 90s-inspired nostalgia. NEW items include the totally radical Goosebumps Book Club Coach Jacket, Splat Button-Ups, Slime Tees and Beanies, and more! 
And just like the Monster Blood that kept coming back, we’re resurrecting fan-favorite Goosebumps restocks! Horrorland and Haunted Mask throw blankets are back by popular demand!  
Mark your calendars and be here November 5th --this THURSDAY NIGHT-- to give yourself GOOSEBUMPS!



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