Goosebumps™ Wave 1 Collection Revealed!

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Creepy Co. is immensely proud to present entry #1 into our ongoing Goosebumps™ collection.

When we approached the folks at Scholastic, we knew that we wanted to start with a straightforward, core release centered directly upon Tim Jacobus' iconic artwork. So we did just that. While simple in approach, all collection items are centered upon maximizing the imagery that was--for many of us--the first foray into the horror genre. 

The shirts are punctuated by jumbo, 9-color process prints. We isolated the artworks from the covers, blew them up big, and printed them as they appear on the cherished paperback book fronts. None of the Goosebumps™ shirts printed before feature such impactful versions of Jacobus' art. 

The pins feature lovingly recreated art with bold linework and bright colors. 

And the replica box is as fun as it is functional! 

We hope you will love and cherish this first release as much as we loved bringing it to life. Keep your eyes out for more Goosebumps™ releases down the road, including some "out-of-the-box" items that will be sure to conjure goosebumps of your own making!

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