Your Last Wish Enamel Pin

The Monkey's Paw is an artifact of early horror lore: a talisman that symbolizes great future potential, but that always fails to deliver on the promise. As the 1902 W.W. Jacobs story goes, you get three wishes. But after the final wish, you'll be wishing in vain that you'd never had any.

Say "fuck you" to fate with our "Your Last Wish" pin. It's a not-so-subtle reminder that--monkey paws be damned--you have to make your own luck in life. Or suffer the consequences!

Art by "Burrito Breath"

1.75" tall

2 clutch posts with rubber clutches

soft enamel pin with matte black metal finish and overprint details
back stamped  

comes affixed to a custom-designed backing card with hologram sticker