Ooze-It Deluxe Enamel Pin Set

Creepy Co. brings you a collectible enamel pin version of the cult favorite toy from 1981. A VERY limited edition version comes bagged with a tiny canister of ooze, small sticker, and a header card. 

1.5" tall pin
soft enamel pin with overprint features
2 clutch posts
rubber clutches
poly bag with header, comes with slime canister, limited pin backing card, and sticker

    This pin pack comes with one of four different slime colors, picked at random. The shades of red, purple and pink are all equal in number, with the black slime being limited to 24 total. 

    This pin does not ooze like the toy, as it does not include a mechanism that will allow the slime to be squeezed through the holes. We fully encourage you to play with the pin and the slime, but please note that you will need to manipulate the slime to get it to appear to ooze.