$ 13.00

Movie Theater Demon Pin

Straight from the bowels of HELL! 

The Devil Himself instructed us to fire-brand these bare mask pins, imbuing them with certain otherworldly powers. The hellfire patina represents the dark forces that reside within.

This pin comes with extras that will not be revealed herein. You must invite one of these masks into your abode in order to complete the circle of dark 
magick that our pact embodies.

You must not wet or otherwise submerge this pin in liquid (seriously: don't! it will ruin the finish). To do so means that you dishonor the pact. Creepy Co. will not be held responsible for any unplanned transformations or other general demonic side effects from the use of this pin.

Hand-embellished, bare metal lapel pin
1.5" tall
2 clutch posts
rubber clutches
back stamping