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Free shipping on orders over $65*

Halloween® Myers Fence Pajama Set

$ 49.99
  • Comfort, Fit, & Quality Guaranteed
  • Officially Licensed & 100% Authentic

Boogie down at bedtime with the original Boogeyman! 

No need to check your closet or backyard before bed… you’ll know exactly where Michael Myers is at all times! -- On YOU!  This officially licensed pajama set, inspired by John Carpenter’s Halloween, features a chilling image of Michael Myers peering over a fence.  The bottoms display stylish stripes of black, gray, orange, and white.  Sleep tight… if you dare! 

Design by Paul Meshreky

  • 95% cotton / 5% Lycra
  • Interior drawstring waist
  • Regular fit sizing

THE FEEL: When it comes to pajamas, Creeps prefer coziness above all else. Thankfully, the Lycra we use to make these PJ’s makes them less constrictive, and more comfortable. You’re welcome. 

THE FIT: Please consult the fit chart to determine your exact sizing. 

THE FACTS: Sorry, kiddies!  These are intended for adults only.