$ 16.00

Ben Cooper® Halloween Costume Fortune Teller Enamel Pin

Limit 2 per customer.

Let's take a trip back in time to the Halloweens of yesteryear, when the biggest decision of the season was what costume to wear. 

This year, let fate decide the costume of your destiny; with a little help from Ben Cooper®! We've compiled a few dozen of our favorite mask and smock images from the premiere costume makers. Rub the crystal ball, and reveal your Halloween get-up!

How to "work" the pin: Rub vigorously! The metal of the pin retains cold, so you'll need either very warm hands or sustained rubbing to activate the color reveal. You can also place the pin near a warm object--such as a light bulb, or open flame (not too close!)--to get the color change to happen very quickly.

1.5" tall enamel pin
heat-sensitive applique
2 clutch posts with rubber backers