Beistle® Trick or Treat Candle with Enamel Pin

NOTICE: Your candle could win you up to $100 in Creepy Cash! Every candle contains a random enamel pin in the wax, but if yours is a blue-glow "Chompers" pin you are a winner $100 of in-store credit!

The scratch cat makes the PURRfect candle!

Light this scented candle to fill your Creepy abode with the delightful smells of Halloween, year 'round!

When the wax melts, 1 of 3 possible BONUS wearable enamel pins are revealed inside! Pins are entirely unique (they do not match the images on the glass) and are based on actual Beistle Halloween game markers!

Trick or Treat scented (Mint, black licorice, musk, and vanilla notes)

  • image is screen printed on glass container
  • 7 oz natural wax candle, hand poured 
  • Over 60 hours approx. burn time
  • Single wick
  • Container is 4" height by 3" width
  • embedded pin is .75" and single posted

NOTE: These hand-poured candles will contain imperfections. Air spaces between the wax and glass are normal, and should vanish with usage. Screen prints on the glass are also imperfect and will contain uneven surface bubbling and/or offset colors.