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Free shipping on orders over $65*

2021 Valentine’s Day Barf Bag

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$ 26.99
  • Comfort, Fit, & Quality Guaranteed
  • Officially Licensed & 100% Authentic

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Can you smell that? Love is in the air... and it's revolting!

Ready your stomachs because the Valentine's Day Barf Bag returns with a whole new collection of *secret* and EXCLUSIVE treasures. This is the perfect gift for that special Creep in your life (especially that person is YOU).

The complete 2021 Valentine's Day Barf Bag bundle is a LIMITED EDITION of 500, and includes the following mystery items…

  • 1 Pair of prizes to cover your feet....
  • 1 Terror-riffic trinket that's really quite sweet.
  • 1 Set of somethings to send to your flame....
  • 1 Putrid pack to stick where you claim.
  • 1 Trusty tube to sweeten a kiss...
  • Some chattering toys and sugary bliss...
  • It's the perfect gift you won't want to miss!