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Limited Time - Free shipping on orders over $75*
Limited Time - Free shipping on orders over $75*

Creating Creepy

Though we’ve only been a company for a few years, we’ve been Creeps our entire lives!

It started with many a Halloween night, stalking our neighborhoods for candy and counting our spoils in front of the TV. We loved the feeling of sporting our spookiest costumes, and marathoning horror movies, and being surrounded by paper cut-outs of vintage black cats & white candlelit ghosts. Why couldn’t we make this creepy feeling last all year long?! And that’s when our calling became clear: our Creepiness had to take on a life of its own – as a community of creators & fans that proudly celebrates our passions.

Our Chicago based crew distills nostalgia on a daily basis, and transforms it into impeccably-designed clothing, collectibles, and must-haves for people like us.

For people like YOU.

You know Tarman’s face better than your own. You can name every ride in Horrorland and you’ve got the tee to prove it. You love Lugosi, and Leatherface, and you live for retro style stickers and that rarest of pins.

We may not have grown up together, but we’ve been living parallel lives. As friends. As fans. As Creeps!

Officially Licensed Products
We Support Independent Artists
Committed to Quality & Whimsy
Quality, Fit, & Comfort Guaranteed

Our Promise

We, the Creeps, live by a Creepy Code: to offer ONLY the most authentic products to our Creepy community. That means our impeccably designed originals, and our officially licensed items, are all 100% authentic. We proudly support artists & creators who help us uphold this unwavering commitment to quality, while also making the stuff that Creeps up our wardrobe, our homes, and our lives.

Proudly Creepin' in Chicago, USA