We're trying lots of new things these days, but one thing remains the same: our commitment to the stuff that makes us fans and collectors.

Since our start in June of 2015, things around here have been a whirlwind of growth and change. I never thought the confluence of boredom, a crappy 9-5 job and the involvement in a mini cultural zeitgeist (enamel pin collectorship) would result in a life-altering adventure. But here we are!

Whenever folks ask me what Creepy Co. is, I still have a hard time explaining. With a suspicion that it may be wrong not to have a prepared "elevator speech," I return home wracking my brain about how to tell others what we do. Inevitably, this leads to another fork in the road.

Instead of beating myself up about it though, I now embrace the power of transformation. After realizing that we were sailing in a sea of "brand sameness," we started to make some moves to break out in big ways.

So, what is Creepy Co., anyway? It's deceptively simple! Creepy Co. is a company, but we're also the company we keep; in essence, Creepy Co. is you! We make stuff we like for others like us. Plain and simple. Our mission is to keep plugging away at designing things, exchanging ideas, and making new friends--like you--along the way.

Thanks for being a part of this thing we're doing!

- Kellie and the Gang

Kellie Taylor
Partner, Creative Director

Kellie hails from Yuma: a small Arizona town bordering Mexico. Home of the best tacos ever, and some truly haunted locations. She is a lifelong artist, a trained designer/illustrator, and a natural born Creep. Her interests are many and greatly influence the work she does for Creepy Co. 

She lives in Chicago with Suz and their animal babies. She loves horror films, Halloween, collectibles of all sorts, folklore, amateur ghost-hunting, and heady discussions about all of the above.
Susanne Goethals
Partner, Business Manager

Suz is from Galesburg, Illinois: home of Carl Sandburg and the inventor of the Ferris wheel. Before Creepy Co., she was a professor of philosophy at various colleges and universities across the country. 

She is an ardent film buff, an avid reader, has a couple marathons under her belt, and loves to travel. In her free time, she can be found snuggled up on the couch with Wilhelmina, the Creepy Co. mascot chihuahua-jack russell, and her two parrots. 
Steve Polakoff

Steve joined Creepy Co. in Spring 2017, but we're pretty sure he's a Creep from way back. He brings a practical set of eyes to our daily work, but also a keen sense of curiosity. We like that. 

His resume includes senior management positions at the Walt Disney Company and Giorgio Armani, but he's also a purveyor of fine Mexican street food. He resides just outside Houston, TX with his wife and 3 children (all of whom participate in testing ideas and products). 
Jason Deuchler
Customer Support & More!

Jason wears many hats at Creepy Co. In addition to being at the office in the wee hours of the morning to wrangle deliveries, he provides customer support, manages inventory, and occasionally models apparel.

When he's not buried under an avalanche of cardboard boxes or answering your emails, Jason can be spotted many nights, spinning at a number of Chicago hot spots. A horror-hound, glasses enthusiast, and veteran DJ, Jason's taste in music is probably better than yours.
Luke Schuler
Junior Designer

Luke is our helping hand! Manning social media controls by day, he is an avid fan of pop culture and a consumer and *maker* of comics by night. 

With a healthy interest in Nintendo (we're all Switch buddies here at the office!), 90's kid-centric relics and Gravity Falls, Luke brings a winning smile to some of our busiest work yet. 

Check him out here!
Matt Durston
Senior Designer

Hailing from Bendigo, Victoria, Australia, Matt is our Aussie Affiliate and newest addition. He packs a wicked one-two punch of design and illustration skills.

He's way into horror flicks, retro toys, trading cards, MAD magazine, fried chicken, and good drinks, just to name a few. 

Matt also has the best hair and the most coveted collection of stuff, which we will likely try to steal when we visit him Down Under!

Jen Lemasters
Lemaster of the Universe

Jen comes to us with a bevy of bonafide skills. An artist at heart and in practice, Jen is the visual curator and custodian at Bric-A-Brac: the raddest record store in the Windy City, which she owns and manages alongside her hubby, Nick. 

Jen has a passion for all things Masters of the Universe (her namesake!), one of the biggest and best collections of covetable items in the state (probably!), and wizard-like skills in both crafting items and summoning sought-after objects.