Garbage Pail Kids® Blind Bag Zipper Pull

Carefully recreating the classic GPK® zipper pulls of the mid-80's, each blind bag comes with 1 of 12 possible card recreations. Who will you get? (All pulls are 1/12 odds)

Acrylic-encased printed card reproductions are double-sided and come with lobster-claw mechanism for easy attachment and secure hold!

  • Pulls are 2.25" high
  • Foil bags are 4" x 3"

Zipper pulls include:

  • Adam Bomb
  • Bony Tony
  • New Wave Dave
  • Meltin' Milton
  • Ghastly Ashley
  • Nasty Nick
  • Potty Scotty
  • Leaky Lindsey
  • Joe Blow
  • Junky Jeff
  • Corroded Carl
  • Up Chuck