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Garbage Pail Kids® Mini Bop Bags "Scare" Package

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Bundle Contents

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Once you bop, you just can’t stop! 

Bring the infamous Garbage Pail Kids home with a Scare Package your parents would NEVER have approved of back in the day -- an officially licensed bundle of Mini Bop Bags. Bop these little gross-out goons and watch them pop right back up for more! This set includes fan-favorite characters like Adam Bomb, Bony Joanie, Joe Blow, and New Wave Dave. Relive your youth and smack some sense into these kids! 

Package includes:

  • Garbage Pail Kids Adam Bomb Mini Bop Bag 
  • Garbage Pail Kids Bony Joanie Mini Bop Bag
  • Garbage Pail Kids Joe Blow Mini Bop Bag
  • Garbage Pail Kids New Wave Dave Mini Bop Bag