Beistle® Fighting Scratch Cats Knit Sweater


♩ "Your scratch is fast, your bite is strong
Fight on Scratch Cats, all Autumn long! ♩ 

Wrap yourself in a little October lovin' with this simple and iconic sweater featuring fabulous Beistle® iconography! You'll be impossible-to-miss with this bold sweater that is sure to turn some heads all Autumn-long (and the rest of the year too)! 

These sweaters are legit: made of a super thick knit and luxurious cotton blend. We are very proud of these, and you will be, too!

  • orange knit sweater with black/cream accents
  • two black stripes on upper left sleeve
  • 45% cotton, 55% acrylic

NOTE: These sweaters run big, so you may want to order a size smaller than usual. Make sure to look over the sizing chart to assure you find the size that fits you best. A regular wash and dry will shrink the sweater (higher the heat, the greater the shrink): this can help size the garment down.