Pee-wee Herman® Officially Licensed Tee!

December 11, 2017

Pee-wee Herman® Officially Licensed Tee!

Tuesday, December 12th @ 7PM Central

Creepy Co.™ is immensely proud to announce a brand new, officially licensed Pee-wee Herman® t-shirt!

There have been many other Pee-wee® shirts before it, but this is the only one that really JUMPS out at you. Literally! Printed with 9 separate color screens, this shirt uses 3D anaglyph magic to bring Pee-wee® to life; simply put on the included glasses and gaze at the magic in front of you! 

Makes for a great tee, with or without the effect, but you'll want to carry your glasses with you everywhere to share with everyone!


Pee-wee Herman® logo mark stands far forward, and Pee-wee's head comes into the foreground. Here's roughly how the effect looks when viewed through the glasses: