October 19, 2019


Ahhh, remember the days of filling up your bucket or pillow case with as many Halloween treats as possible and dumping everything onto the carpet and reaping the spoils of the night? This year the pillow case returns with a new color, new design, and a whole lot of new, exclusive treats!

Plus, once you've emptied your pillow case of its many treats, the fun has just begun! Fill the case with any standard 18"x18" throw pillow insert (not included) and you have a cozy Halloween pillow for your couch or bed all year long. It's a treat bag with a purpose!

Complete bundle is a Limited Edition of 500. 


Each "2019 Halloween Treat Bag" Pillow Case includes:

  • ONLY 5 bags include a RARE VHS, this custom-made tape is sure to impress!
  • 1 digital doodad with secrets galore
  • 1 jumbo something to hang on your door
  • 1 roll of something to help you keep clean
  • a sticky set of gourmet cuisine  
  • 1 spooky pin from Creepy Co.'s past, a throwback treat that's sure to last
  • some rubbery toys and sugary treats 
  • plus the bag is a throw pillow cover, it's really quite neat!




Launches Wednesday 10/23
@ 7pm CT SHARP