October 17, 2018


Creepy Co. is exceedingly honored to be counted among the inaugural group of Halloween 2018 film licensees. While it was a formidable challenge to concept and manufacture items for a film prior to its release, we accepted gladly. Our first wave collection is a modest but impactful group of items that focus on the visual mythos of Michael Myers. This ensemble includes:
  • "Boogeyman Mask" crewneck tee
  • "Well Worn" raglan tee
  • Jack O' Lantern chenille patch
  • Jack O' Lantern enamel pin (glow-in-the-dark)
And the banner item, our Michael Myers Vinyl Mini Figure. We are especially proud to offer this miniature totem; not only as an entry into the catalog of Halloween 2018 licensed merchandise, but as a continued effort toward growing Creepy Co. into a completely unique and well-considered collectibles imprint, community, and destination.

And what 40th Anniversary celebration would be complete without a return to the beginning?

We're super excited to unveil our latest offerings for the seminal franchise film, John Carpenter's Halloween®. Included in this group of items are:
  • "Halloween Safety" crewneck tee
  • "The Night He Came Home" mega print raglan tee
  • "Closet Scene" Deluxe enamel pin with LED feature
  • "Scream Queen" Laurie Strode lapel pin
  • Halloween® VHS Throw Blanket
  • "Halloween '78" button-up shirt
Many thanks to each and EVERY ONE of you who continue to support our work. October 2018 has been a constant reminder of the shared passions that unite us, sustain us, and give meaning to our lives as fans.

Happy Halloween from all of us to you!  

— Kellie, Susanne, Steve, Jason, Luke Matt and Jen

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