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Limited Time - Free shipping on orders over $75*
Future Ghost: 2021 Collection

Future Ghost: 2021 Collection

Attention all FUTURE GHOSTS! (That means you)

The most hauntingly happening club in the afterlife is BACK with a fresh new look and lots more to share.

You know ghosts are real. You know you’re destined to become one of them. You’re already in the Future Ghost club! Rep your membership with all new items. We’ve got 15 brand new items including tees, button-up shirts, and accessories for the eerie, spooky, and well-dressed.

...but what is Future Ghost?



It started with a symbol that said it all. Our "Future Ghost" enamel pin was one of our first products back in Creepy Co.'s oldest days, later fleshing out into the a full collection in 2017. Soon enough it expanded into a line of exclusive products that boasted a clean style and a love of ghost-hunting.

When it came to rethinking what a new iteration of this collection would be, we revisited what made our original Future Ghost offering so exciting.



This reanimated collection has made Future Ghost much more than a logo: it’s a celebration of the here and now. We worked hard to make each item feel like an essential piece of the collection as a whole; all tied together with a love of bold contrasts, clean lines, and eye-catching images. Streetwear but make it spooky. Minimalism for the morbid. Casual looks for the spontaneous spirit.


We’re all going to be ghosts someday, so let’s get spectral! We’ve hunted out the best for the aspiring undead with the return of our Future Ghost collection. Brand new button-ups, tees, plus a hoodie and a sweatshirt have your torso covered. Fresh socks, patches, pins, dad hats, and stickers cover everything else. We’re excited to offer eerily good staples that will make your closet look as good as you.


Here’s a ghostly peek at what’s around the corner...



 With more ghostly goodies coming in Q4 2021!


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