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Limited Time - Free shipping on orders over $75*
Limited Time - Free shipping on orders over $75*
BREAKING: Bat Boy Spotted on Our New Scream Print!

BREAKING: Bat Boy Spotted on Our New Scream Print!



 With our 2022 Weekly World News Collection on the near horizon and a new Bat Boy Tortured Tee arriving this month, it’s a good time to be a fan of the World’s Most Reliable News Team!  We’re kicking it all off Thursday (5/21) with this official collaboration between our Limited Scream Printz series and Weekly World News!

Where Big Media wouldn’t dare to go, Weekly World News would crack cases with hard journalistic integrity and unveil the dark corners of society.  They had all of the latest Elvis and Bigfoot sightings and blew the lid off of Bat Boy when the government tried to keep it suppressed.  Originally, Bat Boy was found in a cave - but what sort of medical experiments led to this phenom?  Or was he produced by nature?...  If you haven’t had the pleasure, go down this weird and wonderful rabbit hole and learn all about him!  Celebrate this iconic character with Creepy Co’s limited Scream Printz™ in his honor.



Featuring original art by Matt Durston (with an Ed Roth-inspired twist), this print is extremely limited - only 100 produced and individually numbered, so don’t miss the chance to get your own.  Screen printed on high-quality archival paper (museum quality prints that resist deterioration) by professional, high-end print makers.  This print measures 18x24 (a stock frame-friendly size, so your local frame store won’t suck your blood, er money!)

  • Only 100 available
  • Officially licensed & individually hand numbered
  • $74.99
  • 18”x24”
  • Hand-printed in Chicago on archival paper


    This very limited print launches Thursday (7/21) at 7pm Central sharp.

    And after you've gotten your hands on this limited print, keep your eyes peeling for dozens more Weekly World News treasures and collectible Scream Printz™ in the weeks to come... Can you collect 'em all?


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