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Bela Lugosi™ X Creepy Limited

Bela Lugosi™ X Creepy Limited


Stalk the night with the newest Creepy Limited Collab: Bela Lugosi™!

We’re bringing Creepy couture back with the luminous Bela Lugosi. We offer the most iconic vampiric visage to grace the screen in the last 90 years: Dracula! It may not be a cape, but all eyes will definitely be on you when you enter a room wearing this classic black denim jacket.

Creepy Limited returns for our Bela Lugosi collection with this unique, hand-selected vintage stock in black with our original design based on the 1931 classic film. These luxe pieces will be limit 65 only available as long as they’re in stock.


The jackets in this collection, like our Creepy Limited releases before it, support an ethical factory in the United States. Working in this way supports local manufacturing jobs and healthier labor practices. By using up-cycled denim and more eco-friendly printing options, we’re able to create unique, beautiful items that cut down on the waste the garment industry typically produces.

Creepy Limited will continue in small releases with unique, one-of-one pieces, each hand-selected from vintage stock and up-cycled with our original Creepy Company designs. Each piece will be completely unique and the design will not return after selling out.


  • Only 65 Available
  • $279.99
  • Handpicked, up-cycled vintage Denim
  • Each jacket is one of one, no two jackets are the same
  • Button-front closure
  • DTG printed
  • Inner Jacket branding

Release goes live this Thursday (10/7) at 7p Central.

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